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Santa Caterina Museum

The convent of Santa Caterina is part of the beating heart of History, culture, civilization and beauty that makes Treviso one of the hidden pearls of the Italian artistic panorama. Strengthened by its collections, from the archaeological to the art gallery, and equally fascinating for its architecture and atmosphere, the Museum of Santa Caterina, in the heart of the city centre, welcomes visitors in the most typical way of Treviso: with grace, warmth and elegance.

Luigi Bailo Museum

From Abbot Bailo's vocation for collecting, to the artistic heritage that is the pride of the city: the Casa dell'Arte del '900 opens its doors, showing all the wonder of a century of profound changes and new languages, reliving a story of intense gazes, deep feelings and restless memories.

Exhibitions & Events

Paris Bordon 1500-1571 "Pittore Divino"